Paperless Events are ‘Happening’ – Good for the planet…. and for the pocket!

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“Sustainability” is preserving natural resources to maintain an ecological balance. As event managers we should automatically be asking ourselves what changes could we make?

Taking the decision to make your event as sustainable as possible, is the first big step

We are here to guide and inspire you!

Our dedicated team of event enthusiasts will direct you to fully embrace the digital age.


At Happening we offer to create an eco-friendlier event without compromising the attendees’ experience, by using the power of digital content- ezines, email and also the creation of an event App.

The event app can include:

  • The programme
  • List of guest speakers
  • Access to all abstracts and presenters
  • Floor plan
  • Timings
  • Journals/content
  • Map of the area
  • Summary of the main topics being discussed (You decide)


  • The event app is easy access, free to download, convenient and interactive.
  • The app includes it all, the brochure, announcements, flyers, session material, the programme and more.
  • Happening will ensure that staff and volunteers understand your environmental aims and objectives.
  • Happening will provide hands on support to help both you and the attendees as electronic assistants. Potentially creating a greater amount of engagement from the attendees


Bio-degradable Solutions

Biodegradable badges can be sourced- there are many ways you can make a greener choice with nametags, lanyards AND they still look fantastic.


Online and Digital

  • Before an event/ conference, we encourage people to bring their smart phones/tablet/laptop- providing easy app access at the venues.
  • Attendees can download conference programme information and presentations by emails prior to the event.
  • Our events have online registration platforms, online submissions, review of abstracts, videos, presentations are available on the event website after the event.
  • We give the option to upload information on USB sticks.


Transportation and travel

  • Providing delegates/attendees with travel information and public transport routes will not only help the environment, but are cost effective too!
  • Frequently our events are held in City Centres, great for public transportation connections- helping to reduce the number of harmful emissions
  • Our Happening company car is ELECTRIC- producing fewer emissions than petrol or diesel-fuelled vehicles.
  • Happening choose local suppliers, where possible, e.g. AV Companies, Exhibition builders, catering etc.
  • Encourage venues to use biodegradable containers for food and beverages.
  • Always mindful of expenses, reduction of waste, whether responsible for a conference, sporting event or cultural event.



  • At Happening we have facilitated many events relying on digital platforms- breaking away from traditional methods.
  • If essential information has to printed- we ensure it is double sided.
  • E-zines and follow-up phone calls, conference calls are used at every event.
  • Trying where possible marketing by email instead of hard copy.
  • Printing is sourced locally to minimise carbon emissions of deliveries
  • We use dedicated recycling bins for waste materials
  • If you choose your event to be completely “paper-less”, we liaise with you and devise a plan of action to inform your attendees- a great contact point for future communications. As sustainable events become more common, audiences will appreciate your organisations commitment to sustainability.



  • Use event catering committed to reusing plates, glasses, and cutlery.
  • In many events we organise for the leftover food to be given to those less fortunate or organise composting of the leftovers.


Local produce

  • Cut down on food miles by sourcing local, seasonal food. This also supports the local economy.



  • At many events- we provide recycling bins with separate compartments i.e. drinks, cardboard etc. This offers the attendees the opportunity to separate their waste.
  • By ‘thinking green’ you will be amazed at how easy it is to make a real difference. (You could even save money too…. Win, Win!)


Dressing the event

  • When branding, we endeavour to use graphics that can be recycled or better still projected onto walls (saving money, time, and materials).
  • If your event requires plants, ornamental trees- we source those often kinder to the environment than using cut flowers.



Tell your audience, delegates, and attendees about your greener event- this can be a big selling point!

People will appreciate your efforts- they may even take note and bring some of these points away from the conference.

Happening will provide leadership and take your event responsibilities seriously- offering you innovative ideas about reducing, reusing and what really is best practice to promote sustainability.

These are just a handful of ways we can help to make your event green!


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