Bidding for an International Conference?

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Bidding for an international conference? Talk to us…

We can bring a wealth of knowledge to your bid preparation, knowledge honed over 21 years of attracting major international conferences to the UK and Ireland.
Here are the areas in which Happening Conferences and Events can support clients when bidding for an international conference:

1. Insight

We can help you make that bid document strong in the areas that we know will be most closely scrutinised.

2. Presentations

Our experience enables us to present complex and comprehensive information in a way that is compelling and concise.

3. Financial nous

We can ensure the backbone of any bid – a realistic and sensible budget – is robust and all risks are properly assessed. We will include accurate models of financial scenarios and realistic targets for delegate numbers and income from sponsorship.

4. Added value

We can strengthen a bid by giving input into other key areas of the bid document.

5. Inside information

We can utilise our international association membership network to gather intelligence on the decision-making process affecting previous bids.

The best part?

All of this is free on the understanding that should the bid be successful we will be appointed to organise the event. Give us a call to find out more…

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